Mutli Room Home Video Distribution

Do you know all the benefits of multi room home video distribution? Now that televisions are unimaginably thin, provide truly amazing viewing experiences, and can be mounted on a wall almost anywhere, you won’t want to degrade that visual experience in any way. Instead of placing unattractive black boxes at every TV, home video distribution, you can share them from a single hidden location and distribute their signals to all your viewing screens. We can design a video distribution system that lets you experience all those breathtaking high definition displays the way they are intended to be seen, without any of the added equipment or unsightly wiring to spoil your view.

Would you like to record your favorite show in the family room and watch it in the master bedroom? That is only one of the possibilities available with a multi room video distribution system - all of your families’ video content can be available for viewing, whenever and wherever you want it. Our design staff can develop a multi room video distribution solution tailored to your individual needs, one that will put you in control and deliver high quality video to any room in your home.