Smart Home Structured Wiring

Wiring is the electronic foundation for a smart home, and it is critical that the structured wiring in your home is designed to keep up with today’s expanding technologies. A home structured wiring system is the key to making this possible. We’ll consult with you to understand your lifestyle so we can develop a structured wiring plan that accommodates all your requirements and satisfies your needs now and in the future.

Home-run wiring is the term used to describe how a structured wiring plan links all your devices to one central location where they can be interconnected with each other and the incoming lines. This allows your family to access and share a wide variety of resources such as high-speed Internet, telephone, printers, computer files, DVR's, TV shows, movies, or music, and type of wiring used is crucial for the ability to upgrade later. Think of this structured wiring plan as your home’s arteries, an organized arrangement of wires that run from the heart of your home network to any room where you might want to send or receive to audio, video, phone, or data - now and in the future

The need to move information to, from, and within your home will continue to increase as more devices learn to participate in entertaining you, controlling your environment, and helping you communicate. Smart home structured wiring is the key component in determining your home’s ability to support them, regardless of whether individual devices rely on wired or wireless connections. Technology never stands still, but as it advances you can count on Digital Innovations to help with a properly designed structured wiring solution to keep you ahead of the curve.