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Digital Innovations Shows Explosive Growth


Digital Innovations Shows Explosive Growth With Smart Home Technology Offering

Chicago, Illinois  March 25, 2013 – Digital Innovations announces 2012 financials.

Digital Innovations nearly doubled revenue from 2011 to 2012 due to an exploding “home automation” industry, new product offerings, and acquisition of key staff members and veteran management.

“We are in a very exciting space. Builders are selling more homes by incorporating our technology, homeowners absolutely love being able to control their home from their iPhone, and we of course are selling more product than ever” – Jeffrey M. Zukowski, CEO, Digital Innovations, Inc.

Digital Innovations offers “smart home” and “home automation” technology to the Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison areas.  They offer structured wiring, distributed audio & video, climate & lighting control, security & surveillance systems and much more.

“I can set my temperature, open my front door, see my cameras, and control every TV and audio system in my home using one remote.  It’s easy to use, saves us money, and our family loves it” -  Tom D, Schaumburg, IL

Digital Innovations is taking advantage of a growing “new construction” home industry that is currently tracking at an 18% increase over last year.  In order to handle the growing demand they have recently hired some key management, purchased a new fleet of vehicles, and have upgraded their internal business management software in order to improve efficiency.

“We are adding a level of sophistication and professionalism to a very immature industry.  Our customers expect perfection and the typical service they have been getting from the “two man team in a van” is just not good enough” – Michael Creeden, President, Digital Innovations, Inc.

To learn more about Digital Innovations you can visit them at www.homecontroltechnology.com or call them at (800) 550-6693.

Jeffrey M. Zukowski
2510 US Route 12
Spring Grove, IL 60081
(800) 550-6693