Commercial Motorized Shades

Don’t overlook commercial motorized shades when planning your office environment. They are a surprisingly versatile addition that can provide extra convenience and energy savings while subtly improving employee satisfaction and contributing that extra flair in a sales situation.

A commercial motorized shade system from Digital Innovations can be integrated with your lighting controls yet still be manually operated for occasions when you want the professional touch of pressing a single button to darken the conference room at a client presentation, or the magic of making glare just disappear from a monitor without moving from the keyboard during a demonstration. While appearances can help close a sale, a commercial motorized shading system’s significant contribution will be more to your bottom line than the top. Integrated with your other building automation systems, motorized shades can automatically sense the environment and react to deliver several benefits. By continuously adjusting to create the optimum glare-free workplace, they let employees see more comfortably while providing a pleasing balance of outside and interior lighting. These systems help save energy by reducing the use of building lights when not needed and closing to reflect or retain heat when appropriate. They also improve security and send a visible signal to your customers by closing and opening with the business.

Digital Innovations can design a solution that fits your particular office layout, business needs, and environment. Our commercial motorized shades are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations so we can create exactly the look that matches your business and meets your budget.