Motorized Shades

Adding motorized shades gives you control over the natural light that embraces your home throughout the day, just as a lighting control system lets you manage artificial light when daylight is gone. With motorized window shades, you can tailor the natural light in a room to create an ambience that suits any activity, reduce glare and reflections on your television screen, or block the view from outside when you want your privacy – either with a variety of convenient controls or automatically, following the rising and setting sun.

A motorized shade system lets you save on cooling and heating costs by blocking the outside sun on warm days or trapping heat indoors on cold days to reduce losses through windows, and reduces your cost for electric lights by making the most of sunlight when it’s available. Motorized window shades also help protect your furnishings from fading and damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet light. For the ultimate in convenience, automatic scenes can be created that direct all the window shades in your house in unison, for example to close them all when you leave with the touch of the “Away” button on any remote control or an app on your Android or iPhone.

Natural light adds to the beauty of your home when properly managed, and our motorized window shading systems add elegance to your decor through the quality of their construction and the many fabric options and color choices we offer. Our designers have the experience to create a shading system that is the perfect solution for your individual requirements.