Home Intercom Systems

You will appreciate a home intercom system from Digital Innovations if you've ever yelled across the house to locate someone and strained to hear whether they replied. The value of an in home intercom system is that it lets you communicate with any room or point of entry at the touch of a button. But, the capabilities of our home intercom systems go well beyond the basics. Perhaps you’d like to turn off certain phone ringers during the hours that some family members sleep or just don’t want to be disturbed. Wouldn’t it be convenient to monitor the baby from any nearby phone or wall-mounted speaker, regardless of which room you need to be in at the moment? And, it’s easy to see that adding a home video intercom to the doorbell makes it much easier and safer for you to respond.

Our customized phone and intercom systems can satisfy a wide range of home automation needs, from a simple one-line handset all the way to a multi-line, multi-zone system that provides each user with a voice mailbox or room-to-room communication. In conjunction with this Digital Innovations offers gate and door entry solutions that can be deployed as standalone systems or integrated into your phone, audio, and home control systems so that when someone presses the doorbell, your phone rings or the speakers mute. You simply pick up to speak to the visitor, and press a button to open the gate or door for them. We can also integrate home video intercom technology with the system so you can see who’s there on any touch screen device or TV before you answer.

Our designers have the experience and technical understanding to customize an intercom system for your home that will meet the specific needs of your family’s lifestyle.