Residential Energy Management Systems

Residential energy management systems use information about your home’s environment and operation to identify solutions for your comfort, safety, and convenience that use less power and result in lower utility bills. We offer energy management systems that can measure and report the energy consumption of your home’s heating, cooling, and lighting systems plus individual appliances to uncover the daily, weekly and monthly trends in your electricity use. This energy information is the key to efficiently managing the times when devices in your home should operate relative to discount electricity rate windows or periods of peak loading so you get maximum savings without compromising your lifestyle.

Our staff can create and implement an energy efficiency plan for your residence that works in conjunction with your smart home’s controls to automatically adjust lighting, heating, cooling, watering, and motorized shading systems according to the patterns of your household, changes in your outside environment, and opportunities for cost savings. Usage trends, energy management sensors that detect outside temperature or whether a room is occupied, and seasonal adjustments all contribute, but you can track and override decisions at any time from control panels in your smart home or an app on your Android or iPhone, no matter where you are.

Let us analyze your home environment and we’ll show you the full range of possibilities for residential energy management to create a green home which is comfortable, convenient, and efficient.