Custom AV Rack Solutions

A custom AV rack can centralize all the audio and video equipment in your home to dramatically improve the look and feel of every room. AV racks can also deliver savings in monthly programming fees by reducing the need for your service providers to install costly receivers at every television. Installing all your equipment in an AV equipment rack at one location is the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective way to connect your devices to each other and to the outside world. It also allows a variety of supporting devices such as home automation and security, energy management, or home temperature control to be shared easily and inexpensively by all your smart home equipment.

A custom audio video rack solution, hidden out-of-sight in a centralized space, is an effective way to eliminate tampering by children or guests as well as maximize the lifetime of your expensive audio and video equipment. Custom AV equipment rack installation is an easy addition to your home technology system, but one that provides you with countless benefits – from savings on wiring costs and monthly fees, to maximizing your living space and simplifying future system expansion.