Commercial Structured Wiring

Installing a commercial structured wiring solution gives your business its own internal information highway capable of moving data, voice, and video in perfect quality to any employee or equipment that requires it, and it gives you the flexibility to rearrange information delivery any time your business needs change. A commercial structured wiring solution provides the outlets and wiring that let you plug in a PC, a printer, a phone, or a TV in any office plus a central hub that ties them all together so they can share information with each other or the outside world.

A properly planned structured wiring solution from Digital Innovations is the most cost-effective way to ensure that your business is prepared to take advantage of powerful information technologies today and well into the future. Our commercial wiring design will conform to the latest industry standards and will be installed using proven components so it delivers top performance at an attractive price today, plus the ability to upgrade with a minimum of cost and effort when you need that faster network tomorrow,

Rapid operational changes are also important to any business, so whether you need to convert an office to a conference room with phones and video, or create a computer cluster in a conference room so ten engineers can code as a group - the physical connections will be ready and waiting and you can adapt without delay if you invest in a commercial structured wiring solution from Digital Innovations.