Commercial Lighting Control Systems

There are several advantages with commercial lighting control systems, over individual lighting controls, that allow them to recover their cost and ultimately deliver a real benefit to the bottom line of your business. Because commercial lighting control systems employ intelligent software, external sensors, and integrate with signals from other systems like commercial security systems or commercial climate and temperature control, they can evaluate the environment and automatically take appropriate actions to reduce operating costs, improve employee comfort, or observe required safety standards.

Businesses can have complex requirements for lighting in individual offices, shared use areas like conference rooms, storage areas or equipment rooms, production floors, and outdoor displays and illumination. These can be managed with commercial lighting control systems, using day, time, or function as primary scheduling considerations but should also respond to occupancy, alarm conditions, or manual events. If a commercial lighting control system is not designed properly, frustrated employees, annoyed neighbors, wasted energy, or all of these can result. Digital Innovations has the experience to create a cost-effective solution that will improve the comfort and safety of your workplace while lowering your energy bills.