Central Vacuum Systems

A central vacuum system will save you a tremendous amount of time and energy by eliminating the need to lug a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room and find an electrical outlet in reach of the cord each time you move. When you install a central vacuum system with a series of strategically placed inlets, you can easily vacuum the whole house with nothing more than an easy-to-carry hose that connects to inlets as you go around and a few simple attachments.

Inlets can even have their own built-in hose that extends right out of the wall with a gentle pull, and retracts again just as easily when you’re finished. Central vacuum attachments are available that make fast work of cleaning any surface, whether it’s carpeting, wood, tile, draperies, furniture, crevices, corners, staircases, ceiling fans, mini-blinds, or even vehicles. Today’s central vacuum systems are more powerful, have greater holding capacities, and are more convenient to empty than those old-fashioned machines. We can design a home central vacuum system solution that will be a sound investment for your home and is guaranteed to deliver long term satisfaction.