Home Audio Distribution - Multi Room Audio Systems

Digital Innovations offers multi room home audio systems so that you don’t need to turn up the volume so loud you could no longer carry on a conversation, or littering your home with stacks of unsightly equipment from room to room just to listen to your music in multiple rooms. Digital Innovations can wire your home for audio distribution in all common rooms, so music is easy to play anywhere and easy to control everywhere. You can listen to music at comfortable volumes in any room, louder for entertainment or quieter for a pleasant background, without intruding on your décor.

But, home audio distribution is not just about your music collection anymore. The sound from programs you watch on TV is equally important to your listening enjoyment. The audio that accompanies today’s programs is higher in quality and covers more dynamic range than ever before. Yet, as televisions get thinner and thinner, the sound they are able to produce from the small speakers built into their screens becomes less and less acceptable. By mounting high quality speakers discreetly the ceiling, our hidden home audio distribution solutions will blend right in to your home’s architecture while providing sound that will delight you.

Our design staff specializes in multi room sound systems, and will spend as much time as necessary to fully understand your lifestyle so they can offer solutions that compliment your home and your lifestyle in every way possible. Once you experience the benefits of home audio distribution, you won’t be able to imagine a home without it.